Final Blog Post

As it clearly states in the title….

This is our last blog post. It is clear that none of the other Admin/mods have time for the blog, and neither do it. While I have tried to keep it going by bringing in guest mods, it doesn’t work to well..

I want to thank all of the followers for staying with us this long. I am sad to officially close the blog down, but maybe one day the blog might be open again.

Hope to see you all around tumblr!

Bye My Lovlies.

Admin O (IdolsApartment)

Anonymous sent: Uhm, Seungri oppa, I'm really sorry about you walking in on me and Jiyong last night. We didn't know you'd be home early.. but I also didn't know how much I turned you on either. Don't think I didn't see the way you looked at me while Jiyong fucked me. I was thinking, maybe, we could have a threesome, if you'd both like that? Just the thought of you both pleasing me just makes me soaking wet.. what do you say Seungri? Jiyong?

Seungri looks at Jiyong, thoughtfulness (and a bit of mischief) in their eyes. Jiyong is first to speak up, “Seungri was pretty hard last night, he told me so - I know he’d like it and I would too. Are you sure you can handle us both though?” Jiyong steps closer to you and wraps his arms around your waist, pulling your body flush against his own, enjoying the look of desire on your face as you feel his erection through his pants.

Seungri rounds the two of you, resting his hands on your hips and yanking you back into his embrace, his erection straining against his pants and pressing into your backside. “Babe, are you ready for us to rock your world?” Seungri whispers into your ear, gently suckling on the lobe while Jiyong takes over the other side of your neck, nipping at your skin teasingly.

Slowly, teasingly, Seungri slips a hand to your front and curls his fingers up, feeling of your sopping wet panties, wiggling his fingers as you moan softly. “You weren’t kidding baby - here, let us help you with that…”

Guess what?!?!?!

 No really…. Go on guess……


KPDT TURNED 2 THIS WEEK. I was gonna post on the day, but work was crazy.

How are we going to celebrate??

BY OPENING THE ASK BOX……. in a few days…. xD

First we need some new mods, which is the main reason for this post. I have been working with the other mods to get a new application form done.  After some editing, we have it here and ready for you all!!


Alright our lovelies, I know this is later than what we said it would be. For that we are sorry, but better late than never right?

As said before, we are going to add new mods to help out with the messages around here, since most of the admins are busy frequently. This time ‘round though, things are going to be a little bit different.

The Rundown.

This time you will fill out the application below and send it to Admin O. Unlike last time, you will NOT find an ask to send in with your application. Instead, she will send you a few options. You can choose to answer one or all of the options that are sent to you. Reason being that applicants are most likely to search for an ask with their bias which makes everything easier. We don’t get to choose what kind of asks we get and a lot of times, it may be about artist that we don’t know all that well. I figure that if you can do well with one of the asks that we send you, you will probably fair well around here.

Two major things about the application.

The age limit has been lowered down to sixteen now. We know that there are people even younger out there that want to join, but we really don’t feel comfortable making it any lower. Sorry! Second is the time spent with us. Instead of measuring it by weeks, months seem more accurate.


1.      Tumblr Username:

2.      Age (must be sixteen or older): 

3.      Gender (this honestly doesn’t matter but we don’t want to be calling you the wrong one now would we?): 

4.      Time period preference (how long do you want to hang out with us? one month, two months, four months, etc.)

5.      Availability (going on vacation soon? let us know so we can schedule your time with us to fit with your schedule)

6.      Favorite groups: 

7.      Questions/Comments/Concerns:

8.      KPDT ask (sent by Admin O)

Now drop your form off in Admin O’s submission box! Please keep in mind that you cannot do this under anon since we have to be able to contact you. 

Best Wishes, 

KPDT Staff


Also, a side note. We are thinking about changing the theme, and just the general look of the blog, so try not to be to surprised if you come by one day and everything is different.

Admin O

Just a few things….

Hello my lovlies!!

So a few things to let you all know.

First! I am going to the Vixx concert in Dallas. I was wondering if there might be any of our followers going to the concert too. Cause if you are we need a meet up. Also I need help learning Vixx, so if someone wants to help me send me a message on my personal!

Second! We have been planning to open the ask box for a while now, but before we do that we want to bring in a few extra mods because most of the admins are busy with school/work. In order to do that we need the old application…. which none of us can find. OTL So if one of our followers can find either of the old applications and send the link through fanmail, or the submit. Once I have edited it, I’ll post it and hopefully we will have life around here soon-ish.

-Admin O

I just wanna cuddle.

EDIT: This was originally supposed I be a personal post on another blog…BUT CUDDLING IS STILL AWESOME. LOVE Y’ALL. -Mod Jmin
Anonymous sent: How could I let you do this? The whole hugging me in public thing was fine, but this? No, You should not just kiss my neck making me moan and then suck my collar bones while backstage at our concert! Now keep in mind I craved that feeling all after that, but when you make me go insane like that, I asked to you to give me that feeling again. And you picked me up by my waist and kissed my lips. I really need you to come back to me Gdragon. I need you to make me wet again.

GD:  I shouldn’t kiss your neck and suck on your skin?  You can act upset all you want but I know how much you love it.

I know what kind of feeling you want, baby.  Why don’t I swing by your place after work?  Put on something sexy and I’ll meet you in your room.

Ugh, when was the last time I got to have you?  Feeling up on you backstage isn’t enough.  I wanna be inside of you.  Get on your back and just let me do the work, okay?

It’s not that hard for me to get you wet, baby.  I’ll nibble on your ear while my fingers slide over your soft skin, toying with your nipples until they’re nice and sensitive.  I’ll drag my tongue down your neck, your chest, your thighs while I push your legs wide open.  How many to start baby?  Two fingers?  Three?  I’ll pump them in and out of you while my mouth seizes yours, kissing, sucking, biting.

I love the quiet moans you make as I rub my the head of my hard cock over your entrance.  Do you want it?  Tell me how much.  Beg like a good girl and you’ll get your reward.

Selling Beast File Folder.


I am selling this Beast file folder. As you can see it is still in the package. Nothing wrong with it. I just bought it on a trip to Dallas, and then went again a week later and got a “Breath” era folder. Not sure what to ask for it.. so send me a message with an offer. >_< I’ll take care of shipping charges. Back side is different, each of the boys have their own panel, if you want a picture I can always post one.

Besides all of that above, I just want to apologize for all the…. well nothing…. going on around here. I have no computer, no internet, and I work over 40 hrs a week. So being around here has been hard (and I have missed it!!!!!!!)

As for the other admins… well I have no idea because we have fallen apart around here. I hope they are doing good. And the same goes for all of our lovely followers. I promise to make some changes if I am ever able to get caught up on bills and stop having to pay for vet, car, insurance, tag… yada yada yada…..

Anyways… its tornado season, and I live in Oklahoma….. and there is a nice and scary looking storm brewing outside…. So I am leaving the library and going home!!!!

-Admin O

P.S. If any of you live in or near the Dallas metro area…. We need a meet up of KPTD, and just general kpop awesomeness of us… Message me here or on the personal. ^_^

Anonymous sent: Okay Chanyeol oppa, let's clear these misunderstandings. I know that i'm not pretty, kind, or famous enough for you but can you just tell me those thing so we could break up faster. Why did you break my heart like this? Why did you have to kiss that girl to break my heart? Don't say that kiss just misunderstanding because i saw it with my own eyes. I should have known that i'm just your toy. Fool me. Bye oppa.

Chanyeol: No, jagi-! Please don’t be like this… You have to listen to me. Give me a chance, okay? Give me a chance to explain.

It was all a bet. I don’t even know the girl, but apparently her and her friends betted that she couldn’t kiss a random stranger. That stranger unfortunately happened to be me. I swear I didn’t-

You’re not a toy to me jagi! Why don’t you listen? Why? Is it really that hard to hear me out? You’ve never been listening lately, and it’s so hard for me to try and fix things. Why do you always immediately put the blame on me? Please jagi, we can’t end like this.

B-But, if you’re really feeling this way. Then maybe we should. Maybe breaking up would be healthy for both of us. We’re constantly fighting, and I can’t be distracted from work. *takes a deep breath*Maybe this whole relationship was a misunderstanding. Maybe we just weren’t meant to be. *sighs and kisses your forehead* Be good to yourself, okay? I-I’ll miss you. Bye.

Anonymous sent: Siwon oppa, now that your drama is over, can we please go to the Lotte World? We were going to go in the gondolas so we could see everything. It'll be out first official date out where everyone can see the two of us. I'm not scared of the fans because I know you won't let anything happen to me. When we get done at Lotte World, we can head home and curl under a blanket together and just talk. Wouldn't that be great?

Siwon:  Lotte World?  I’ve always wanted to take you there, jagiya, and I think it’ll be perfect for our first date.  I promise, I won’t let anything happen to you.  If I want to hold my girlfriend’s hand in public, then I’m going to.  Nothing is going to ruin our time together.

Oh, the gondolas are fun.  Maybe that will help us decide what other rides to go on.  We could do the Gyro Drop if you’re not scared of heights.  Oh!  Or we can go on the rollercoaster that goes in the dark.  There’s so much to do that we’ll probably be there all day.

When we get home, I think we should take a hot bath together and then slip under the covers.  You have no idea how much I’ve missed having you in my arms at night.  Jagiya, I want this day with you so bad.  Let’s go soon, okay?

Anonymous sent: (remark: girlxamber liu) texting "still remember your husky, hard breathing voice *oh FUCK yesh* when you promised me to make me feel your vengeance tonight after I finshed you last night. I can't await til you're home and show me what you meant with that. won't you tell me beforehand what awaits me? you know, we can make this turn out as little game. not that you could already start to torture me with your words. which we both know you can! *licks lips* I'm waiting~"

[[Text to: Babe]]

Sending me dirty texts?  Naughty, naughty~  Last night was great but I’m gonna make you see stars tonight.  You want hints?  Aw, I don’t wanna give too much away.  Then it won’t be a surprise.  

Still, I think I could give you a little bit.  Picture this.  I come home and immediately drag you towards the bedroom, pushing you over and kissing you hard, my tongue dominating yours.  Gonna kiss and nip at your skin while I rub my fingers over your folds before pushing them inside.  Start with one and if you beg like a good girl, I’ll give you more.  When you’re good and wet, I’m going to lick at your entrance.  I love how sensitive you are when my tongue gets inside.  You always make the cutest whines and moans.  Once you’ve cum and you’re lying there panting and sweating… well, do you remember the strap on we bought?  I think it’s time we test it out, with you on all fours and screaming my name until your voice is hoarse.  And that’s for starters.

Anonymous sent: Chanyeol-oppa. I know we got into that fight last night, but you didn't have to go that far. I saw you at that club last night. You were grinding against a girl, and then you took her into and started making out with her and stripping her. Don't deny it either. I saw it with my own eyes. You probably saw me there too, but you just kept on going, didn't you? I hope you're satisfied with yourself. I guess I'll just start fucking with Baekhyun-OPPA now. I know he has a crush on me anyway.

Baby… I promise that wasn’t what it looked like. I mean… yeah. That was me. I can’t deny that. But I swear, I had too much to drink, or someone put something in my drink!! I’m not going to deny anything. How could I. Look how hurt you are… *hangs head*

I don’t deserve you… I certainly don’t deserve your forgiveness, but please, baby. Just one more chance! I swear that wasn’t really me out there! I would never knowingly do this to you! This isn’t who I am! THAT isn’t who I am! How can I be satisfied with myself when you’re walking away from me talking about fucking with Baekhyun!?

I know you’re angry. Show me just how angry you are. Take me! Show me I’m yours! Mark me and claim me in whatever way you see fit. Order me around. Make me follow your every command. I’ll do it gladly! Anything to see you look at me the way you did before you found me like that!

*falls to your feet and looks into your eyes* I swear that every part of who I am belongs to you. *clasps hands behind back and bows head*

Your move.


Your Chanyeol



Anonymous sent: Kevin Woo oppa! Thank you so much for bringing me to L.A with you and your sister to see your cousin. I'm just worried that I'm going to have to sleep with one of them and I won't be able to sleep with you. I'm going to miss being by your side at night since we switch between mine and your house everynight *giggles* Could you talk to your cousin into maybe letting me and you sleep together? Oh and if we do anything you have to be quiet *winks* Unless you want them to hear your sexy soft moans ;)

Kevin: It’s no problem, jagi! My family has been begging to meet you so it’s only natural. Aw, don’t be like that jagi! Both my sister and cousin are very nice. You don’t need to worry. And I’ll just be in the next room-

Oh. Oh. Jagi. You shouldn’t be thinking such naughty things… We’re going to be with my family *blushes lightly*.B-But maybe my cousin will… Won’t mind if we stay in the same room… I mean, I could just say you’re uncomfortable with sleeping in someone else’s room… That’s normal, right? Jagi *blushes*! D-Don’t say that! I do not! *giggles*

Anonymous sent: Minhyuk (A-Prince), I'm probably not your type but noona is going to take 20 seconds of courage to tell you: I'm falling for you, hard and fast. You're on my mind all the time and those shy smiles of yours have me weak in the knees. I also have to admit..I've developed a bit of an obsession with your cheeks. I wish I could spend the rest of my life kissing them.. //blush// Ah, I feel so silly now..but I had to say it..

Minhyuk: N-Noona!? Y-You like me…? Uh, uh… I’m so embarrassed *blushes*. I didn’t think that noona would actually, actually like me… Don’t feel silly, noona… I-I like you too, but I’m just really shy.

You’re always on my mind, too. I think I think about you a bit too much because I’m always spacing out during practice *bites lip*. A-And my other bandmates won’t stop teasing me… You have a-an obsession over my…?

Wah! Don’t say such embarrassing things! *covers face* Ah, my cheeks are really hot right now. I’m just so happy! But embarrassed to *looks down*. So um, noona, does this mean w-we can d-date now?

Anonymous sent: Yah Kim Ellison! Do you seriously even understand how much feels you actually cause to me? You think it's nice to cry yourself to sleep for few weeks because of missing oppa and then you let out a teaser and then cry again over how beautiful you appear? I love and adore you, but I wish baby you'd eat more because you seemed to be so damn skinny in the Alone teaser... I wish I could make sure you've eaten enough.

*blinks at you* You miss me that much? Baby, you need to sleep. I worry about you. I want you well rested for when I’m with you again… You’ll need that strength for everything I have planned for us. *blushes* You really think I’m that beautiful? You love me? And adore me? I dream of hearing those words from you every night. I truly don’t deserve a goddess like you…

*looks at reflection* I didn’t realize that I had become so thin… Without you by my side, I have no appetite. I promise I will eat more if you try to get some sleep. We will both need our strength. I have a feeling that the only thing either one of us will be hungry for when we are finally together again will be each other… and I know we wont be sleeping that first night. *smirks at you* I can’t wait for that moment. I bet you will taste better than any food I could ever let pass my lips. Just thinking about my tongue running along your skin is making my mouth water.

I better go eat so that I have plenty of energy for you. Please go lay in bed, put on our music, and listen to my voice sing you to sleep. I promise it wont be long now… We’ll be back in each others arms soon.

Love, Your Eli


-Admin A-I-A-A-

Anonymous sent: CNU, noona has seen what you have done. I see how you look and teases those little girls in your performances, always looking so sexy with your killer smile, always biting your lips, always seeking your next victim. And you’re never, never satisfied, are you? Do you know why? Because those little girls can’t give you what you need, because they don’t know what you want.Oh, don’t be mad, they are just little girls…Wae?…CNU…why are you looking at noona like that...???

CNU: So you’ve caught me red-handed, huh noona? You’ve been analyzing my performances a lot lately… A bit too much for it to be normal, don’t you think? And of course I’m never satisfied, noona. Because only one person can give me that satisfaction.

What do you mean ‘why are you looking at noona like that’? You know exactly what I want, noona *licks lips*. Don’t play innocent with me now *holds your wrists and lifts them over your head*. Only you can satisfy me, noona *sucks on your neck*. So what do you say, noona? Can I…?