Anonymous sent: Lee Joon hyung~ Thanks for agreeing to help me out with the dance I have to learn for the audition. It really means a lot since you have experience with that. The dance is kind of weird though. There's a lot of thrusting and body rolls.. Can you show me some as an example? -smirks- Maybe you can teach me how to grind too. I think the best way to do all of this is naked. -chuckles-

So, you need help with the body rolls? *i push you into the mirrored wall hard and press my body against you* Already breathing harshly and I’ve barely begun teaching you anything you wanted to learn. How are you going to survive this? *i roll my body against yours and smirk at your sharp intake of breath* My adorable little dongsaeng. Always so much talk… *i lean in and bite your ear as i roll my body against yours again. the moan that escapes your lips should be illegal.* I wonder what your reaction will be… *i rip your shirt down the front and rake my nails along your exposed chest, satisfied as your body arches off the mirror into me* It looks like you finally mastered that body roll. I think we could use a little more practice though. Let’s try it with you on top of me as I’m thrusting my hips up into you. We’ll do this all night if we have to. I want to make sure you get it right. Even if it means you have to picture my naked body against yours every time we perform. I’m sure our fans will love the endless gifs they could create from all of your pelvic movements.

Love, Your Joon


-Admin A-I-A-A-

Anonymous sent: Damn, Seungho oppa, since when did you get so damn hot? Seeing you perform Throw Away made me die so hard because you were wearing black. I have a thing for black. What do you think about collar and chain? I'd think it'd look great on you. Why don't you try to seduce me today with your voice?

A collar and chain. Hmm, that’s not really my thing but if it’s for you, I guess I can let it slide. 

So how should I seduce you today? Whispering lewd words into your ear, telling you every little thing I want to do to that banging body of yours, moans pressed against the soft skin of your ear as I thrust into your hot core over and over and over again. Grabbing your skin, kissing your lips, molding our bodies to create one being, I don’t really know what or even why you would ever want me to wear a collar and chain but I can come up with some conclusions. Whatever the reason my be, I can promise you, my sweet angel, that I will be in charge tonight and if not, well, you’re going to have to fight me for it.

Anonymous sent: Byunghee-oppa! You haven't received too much love on here )': Do not worry though, I love you so much, enough to cover for all of those fans that don't. Can you come just cuddle with me? Tell me how much you love me too, I don't want a one sided love, Byungie! Saranghae, oppa♥

Yes, I don’t get much love on here, my love. You do? More than those people who don’t? Aw… Of course! I’ll lay with you in bed and hold you close to my heart so you can hear it beating just for you. I will whisper in your ear how I love you more than the countless times the sun follows the moon to light up the world, more than the fish in any body of water. I want you to be all mine, baby. Saranghae, darling. <3

Anonymous sent: SeungHo Oppa. I'm so sorry I moaned G.O. Oppa's name last night. It's just everytime I see you two together I can't help but imagine what it would be like to have you both, to have you in my mouth as his fingers work their magic on my...Oh mianhae, I'm getting carried away again. Are you gonna punish me?

Seungho: You fantasized about WHAT now? Aigoo, you’re really something… Looks like you will be facing “punishment”…

You wanna get kinky? I’ll show you kinky. Ya, G.O!

G.O: Yes hyung?

Seungho: We’ve got ourselves a mischievous little girl who wants to take the both of us in one sesh. She wants me in her mouth while you finger her.

G.O: Oh really now? Well then… Come on over to our practice room, we’ll show you a good time. Since you want kinky, we’ll start off with a threeway makeout sesh. I don’t mind giving a little fanservice, you see.

Seungho: As the kiss progresses, I wanna hear you moan and groan, beg us to take you immediately. However, we’re going to tease you until you can’t take it. I’ll rip your clothes off in an instant, and take a trip downtown to those honey thighs.. Oh, they’re absolutely eye-catching and I can’t get myself away from them.. So smooth and silky!

G.O: Hyung!! You’re getting ME all excited now! My turn! I’ll bend you over and spank that naughty ass of yours. You were asking for it, with those wild fantasies of having a threesome with us. I’ll take my right hand and fondle those supple breasts, and at the same time, my left digits will be going all Mozart on your already hyped clit.

Seungho: We’re almost there.. While you’re bent over, I’m going to remove my pants and you can have your way with my hardening member. Lick it, suck it, do whatever your heart desires. After all, look at this.. Isn’t it what you’ve always dreamed of? 

G.O: Hyung! I can’t wait til we get into the real nitty gritty!!

Seungho: Don’t ruin it for her! We’ll have to take her by surprise…

~Mod JMin

Anonymous sent: Mir oppa! Why are you being so mean to me? I saw you flirting with the stylist noonas backstage and you knew I was watching you too *pouts* I was going to wear that cute bunny outfit tonight for you but it seems like you're too busy with your noonas, huh?

You caught me, jagiya… I was trying to get you jealous to get back at you for spending time with my hyungs. I felt left out, baby. All I wanted was your endless love and undivided attention. I want you all to myself! My plan did work, I see, but I’m sorry that I hurt you, sweetheart. Please, please, please, forgive me… Although that bunny outfit sounds so good right about now, all I want you to wear right now is that beautiful smile gracing your rosy, tender lips and that lovestruck twinkle in your eyes that you only show when you’re with me. Saranghaeyo, jagiya… Forgive me? I promise that I’ll make it up to you.

Anonymous sent: seungho oppa, do you have the slightest idea what you do to me when you lick those sexy lips of yours? or when you those seductive glares? it drives me mad! i know you're a man with many, many talents, but what are your talents in the bedroom? i'm sure you're beast when it comes to that!

Seungho: I can assure you that I am, but I think I should prove it to you. That way you know that I can talk the talk and walk the walk. I’ll show you exactly what I can do with my sexy lips. They’ll trail over your blushing cheeks, hovering over your lips, my breath passing through your parted lips, until you snap and close the gap. Except we don’t just close the gap, we vacuum seal it shut until our lips are swollen red and our lungs are burning for oxygen and even then it’s not enough. I need all of you baby. I want to trail my mouth over every centimeter of you from the shell of your ear to arch of your heel, leaving searingly sweet kisses, contrasting my sinful gaze over your beautiful, naked body. I’m glad you can’t read my mind baby,  you might go running for the hills if you knew all of the dirty, lewd things I want to do to you. 

Anonymous sent: Grr. Byunghee-oppa. Joon keeps harassing me. He keeps sending his nudes and these suggestive texts. Then he says he's joking, and just did that to make you jealous. What is he talking about?

G.O: Oh, OH. So that’s what he’s been doing on that stupid new phone of his. He’s always bragging about the high quality of the camera. And how it receives text messages faster than usual. So that’s why he’s been in his room the whole week. Okay. I get it now.

So tell me dear, were those nudes really that quality? I’m sure Joon has a lot down there, but I’m positive I have a lot more to offer. He’s always flashing his abs to the world, but me on the other hand has not. Wouldn’t it a lot more treasurable to be the first person other than family and MBLAQ to see my abs? I’m sure they will do quite the justice.

I’m also curious to how ‘suggestive’ those texts were. Are they demanding, rough, and sexy? Or sweet and smooth like honey? You know dear, my vocabulary has expanded over the years. I can sweet or dirty talk you the whole night. Whichever is your preference. It doesn’t matter to me. As long as you’re mine.

And the stupid boy had the courage to joke around with you, huh. Since the cat is out of the bag, might as well tell you. He’s full aware that I have strong feelings for you. Now don’t deny it either, but I’m almost certain you feel the same for me. Anyway, he just decided to be an ass and become all touchy with you. I confronted him about this, but he just took my jealousy and used it to backfire. That kid, really.

I’ll show you how a real man does it with no joking around. You’ll get to see me naked in person instead of just through some silly cell phone. And my voice and words will be whispered right down your ear. Doesn’t that sound a lot more exciting than just sexting? Meet me in my room. I’ll be there in a bit.

Now excuse me while I beat the shitless out of a stupid bastard.

elriostraveller sent: Seungho-oppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm so sad... You said you will take me to a good restaurant after you done your job, but you didn't come and your phone is off! So I returned home, greatly disappointed, and cried all night. Oppa... Why are you so cruel, leaving me all alone in the restaurant, all cold because I'm wearing that mini dress you bought me! I'm still wearing it, though... Would you come home and 'eat' me instead, oppa? *teary eyes*

Seungho: I’m so sorry baby! My schedule ran late and I didn’t have my phone with me. Why didn’t you bring a sweater or wrap sweetie? That dress is for my eyes only. Don’t worry though, I’m home now so I can warm you right up.

The sight of you crying on my side of the bed in that tiny little dress tugs at my heartstrings and I rush over to you, gathering you in my warm arms. Shhh… stop crying baby, I’m home now. I lean down to kiss away your tears, my lips trailing every inch of your face until they reach your lips and I trap you into a gentle kiss. Our pace changes, quickly transforming our seemingly innocent kiss into a deep, sensual one.

Pulling back, I look into your wide, watery eyes as our breath suspends in the air for a second before we collide in a consuming kiss, a whirlwind of hands and unwanted clothing until I’m panting and hovering over your beautifully bare body.

Kissing down your neck and chest, leaving hot wet kisses on your breasts as a promise to come back, I kneel between you legs and lave my tongue down into your wet folds, tasting your delicious juices and smelling your intoxicating arousal. Not in the mood to tease, I slip two fingers past your wet lips, curling them upward and moving them quickly. My lips wrap around your clit and suck your flesh into my mouth, tugging back and then letting go with a pop. I lean over your body again and clasp your chin and hold your head in place, my other hand continuing to pave the path to your release.

My mouth attaches to yours once again as I slip another finger into your inviting body, moving quickly as my tongue mimicks the actions in your mouth until you’re crying out into my mouth, your body arching into mine, nerve endings standing at attention, and bucking down on my hand as you ride out your pleasure in waves. Pulling back, I slip my fingers out of your body and bring them up to my mouth and lick off all of your juices, not letting a drop go to waste before curling up behind you, wrapping you into my arms while you slip into a deep, satisfied slumber. 

Anonymous sent: Joon oppa, your ideal type is Hyosung unnie? Cheh. She's so pretty but that makes me slightly jealous. You're going to have to make it up to me~ I'm your one and only Honey Thighs and you know it.

Joon: *smirks* What if I told you I said that to make you jealous? Does that make you angry? Does it make you want to throw me on my bed and slide down on my aching cock to remind me who I belong to? Does it make you want to bounce up and down in my lap, squeezing and milking my cock until I’m begging you for release? Are you going to deny me release until I’ve made you cum so many times to the point that your sexy thighs are trembling uncontrollably around my head and you’re begging me to stop? 

Anonymous sent: seungho oppa, now that you're done with promotions, can you spend more time with me? i've been missing you so dearly and i miss your touch. i miss your hands caressing my body. i miss those chubby lips on my lips. i need you so badly right now. please tell me you need me just as bad.

Seungho: I know you missed my lips, but I missed yours more. I miss the way the skim along my jawline while my fingers work between your wet folds. I miss how they feel while you kiss down my chest and leave bite marks down my muscles. I especially miss they way they feel around my rock hard cock while your head bobs back and forth, taking as much of me as you can. I love tilting your head up by your chin and kissing them when they’re swollen after you’ve sucked me until your knees turn red and left me panting in desire. Can you wear your red lipstick tonight sweetie? I want to wake up the morning to see your marks all over my body. 

Anonymous sent: Seungho oppa. The last time we had made love, you were too rough. I know you were angry and I allowed myself to be your stress relief, but I didn't expect it to be like that, it hurt. Oppa please be gentle this time, I might act tough sometimes, but I'm also fragile. Please jagiya?

I hurt you?! Yah! Why didn’t you say something? *gently pulls you into a hug* I’m so sorry, I didn’t…I didn’t realize I hurt you. Of course you’re fragile, I-I can’t believe I did that. I was just so upset I couldn’t control myself. That’s no excuse though. Next time we’ll go at your pace, I’ll make it special and take my time. You’ll have to tell me where I hurt you and I’ll gently kiss every spot to take the bad memories away. I’ll run my fingers all across your skin, barely touching you. I’m afraid I’ll hurt you again…you have to promise to tell me if I hurt you ever again, okay? Promise me!

Anonymous sent: G.O oppa, there isn't a part of you that I dont find attractive. From your beautiful voices to your long fingers...but there's one thing I want the most, and that's to feel you perfect teeth against my skin as you make me yours. Can you do that for me, oppa? Can you make my biggest fantasy come true? I really need you...

That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard, darling. I’ll make sure to make your wildest dream come true tonight. As we lay in bed after a long day full of work, now it’s time to play. I lean in to capture your lips in a heated kiss, my teeth nibbling your lower lip so I can enter your mouth. My dominant hand runs down the front of your body so slowly, I unbutton and unzip your little shorts so I can slip my fingers into your naughty looking panties. Your legs slowly open so I have more access to your sensitive and damp cavern. I feel you shiver against me as I carefully thrust my two longest fingers into your folds, hearing you gasp. I caress your wet g-spot as my thumb does the same for your little nub, nipping at your neck constantly as you moan in ecstasy. Maybe you should give me little hints as to how I handled you in your fantasy, baby… please tell me. 

Anonymous sent: ~seungho oppa, you walked in on me pleasing myself the other night. you just stood there and enjoyed it, what was going on through your mind oppa?

It’s been on my mind all week, babe. I couldn’t stop thinking about you laying in our bed, your right hand caressing your hardened clit and your free hand running up to your firm, juicy breasts. I’m actually a little jealous that you were pleasing yourself without me. Now, I’m doing the same. I escaped practice early to hide in our bedroom so I can surprise you. I pulled my shirt off already, my sweatpants and boxers tugged a bit down so my cock is peeking above the elastic bands. I switch my strokes from gentle and slow to rough and rapid as I picture you that very day playing with yourself so demurely. Mmm… won’t you come help me, darling? I need another helping hand…

Anonymous sent: Lee Joon-oppa~, I'm getting sick of this. you're never home, and then I became so alone... I miss that rough sex we used to do almost everyday. Touching myself is not the same! I know your work will soon be over, but I can't wait it anymore, I even bought some toys... please, oppa, I want to feel you again!

Lee Joon: I know babe, I miss you so much. You bought some toys? This is your first time playing with toys isn’t it? How about you give me a call and I’ll tell you exactly how to use them. I want to hear the vibrator when you turn it on to the lowest setting. Now tease your clit with it lightly, moving it in circles. Then push it down and coat it with your juices, before plunging it as deep as it’ll go and leave it there for a few minutes, feeling the slow vibrations deep inside of yourself. Now pull it out and trail it up your body leaving a wet trail in it’s wake. Run the tip over your nipples now and watch them pebble in the cool air. Now move it back down to your pussy, I want to hear the slick sound of you fucking yourself with it, teasing your sweet folds. You can use the middle setting now. Do you like the vibrations? Does it remind you of when I hum against your folds, when I’m on my knees eating you out? Put it on the highest setting now and move it faster, just like how I’d fuck you if I was there. I want to hear you scream my name into the receiver when you finally arch your back and cum, letting your juices gush out of you onto the bed. It’s exactly what I need to throw me over the edge of my orgasm. I just wish you were here to clean up this mess I made because of you. I can’t wait till I come home. Just be prepared honey, I’m going to make you cum so hard you won’t even be able to walk for a week.

Anonymous sent: Mir oppa, I'm happy that you're finally done with your promotions. I miss you so much, oppa. I want you to dominate me tonight ;)

I call you from the car as I drive on my way to see you. I tell you to be ready for me when I get there, I don’t want any of your clothes on. I strip as I’m coming up the stairs so the second I walk into the apartment I’m already half naked and fully hard. I see you laying on the bed as I step into our room and I see you got too excited and started touching yourself. “That’s a no-no,” I smirk, approaching your side of the bed and leaning down to capture your lips in a bruising kiss. I punish you with my teasing touches and my harsh teeth as I nip on your lips and then trail down your neck. I know you’re already sopping wet for me, I reach down and finger your clit and I can feel you clench with your oncoming orgasm. I fuck you with my fingers and smirk as you fall over the edge, your fingernails digging into my biceps as you come down from your high. You tug me into bed and spread your legs wide, begging me with your eyes for more. I smirk again when you whimper at the sight of how hard my cock is, I’m already leaking precum just thinking about your folds sucking me in and your inner walls closing in around me. I let out a groan at the mere image. I don’t spare you any moment to get adjusted as soon as I thrust into you, my hips rolling harder and faster with each move. We don’t take long to come, you throwing you head back and screaming my name as your inner walls clench around me and I tumble over the edge as well, my hips still rotating against yours until I collapse on top of you.


Sadly, I think this is all I’ll answer tonight/today - my back’s been hurting all day :/ I had to schedule posts on my blog just to make it interesting. LOL Sorry everyone - I promise I’ll get on earlier and reply to more. :D


~ Mod S