Anonymous sent: T.O.P dear I have been feeling kind of lonely lately. Will you come keep me company tonight?

Well, of course, baby. I’ve been feeling kinda lonely, too. How about this, we head down to the den and have some wine and chocolate covered strawberries? We lay down down on the fur rug splayed across the floor as we feed each other those delectable sweets, even though there are a few sweets I’d rather eat. With a chuckle, I watch the light of the fire dancing in your eyes and casting shadows and light across your beautiful skin. I’m so amazed by your beauty, you must be the reincarnation of Aphrodite herself. I crawl closer to you, like a tiger, growling softly at you and you giggle and return a purr, like a little sex kitten. I pounce on you and nip at your neck gently, both of my hands pawing at your lovely girls through your dress. You ask to head up to the bed upstairs, but I know you’ll love feeling bare and naked on the soft fur, ne? Whaddya say, darling?