Anonymous sent: Youngmin oppa, how about we take a hot shower together? We can rub each others wet bodies clean (; afterwards we can move to your bedroom. Kwangmin & minwoo oppa can join us too. What do you think? ;)

Youngmin: Mmh. So we get some alone time, I am perfectly okay with it. Are you going in first or me? Doesn’t matter though, I’ll make sure to wash your body good. I’ll make sure to scrub your body clean with that enticing scented body wash you always use. Just the thought of it is making me hard. Why is it sticky between your legs? I think I need to thoroughly wash this area for you before we get out of the shower. Imagine the feeling of my fingers slipping along your folds as I wash your delicious juices away. What? It’s not going away. I wonder where it’s coming from. You know how curious I am. My long fingers slipping into your hot wet sex as I push you up against the shower wall, your leg raised as the tip of my throbbing cock pushes against your lower stomach. Mmh. The sound of you moaning my name as the steam of the shower makes the air thick. I don’t think we’ll be worrying about the shower tonight babe. The slick sound of my dick thrusting into your already dripping we pussy from behind as the water from shower head sprays harshly onto your swollen clit. You can trust oppa to make your body squeaky clean.

Kwangmin: Of course Minwoo and I will be waiting in Youngmin’s bedroom. How dare he have you to himself. But it’s okay, we’ll make sure to give you a better time than Youngmin ever can. Can you imagine it babe? Minwoo fucking your pussy merciless as he sucks on your round nipples, giving them a good bite here and there. Kwangmin guiding your head as to how to suck him off, deep throating you as he goes faster with every moan the comes out of your beautiful lips. And me fucking your round little ass out of sync from Minwoo, giving it a nice slap as I tease your swollen clit. Can you take three dicks at once? Can you handle every one of your erogenous spots being teased all at the same time? Don’t think we’ll be nice about it either. We’ll have you screaming and begging for more once we’re done with you. Can you imagine just how much fun we’ll have tonight? Oh. And just to clarify as to what you are getting yourself into, we won’t stop until we’re all satisfied. It’ll only be fair right? We make you happy and it’s only right to make us happy in return. Don’t worry though. Oppa will make sure to take extra good care of you tonight.

Mod B is here~


I’m Mod B. I am currently 18, turning 19 in October. Female (obviously) and is a freshman in Cal State Los Angeles studying Biology in hopes to become a Gastroenterologist (GI tract doctor). Uhm, I’m Asian. Specifically Indonesian/Chinese. I’m on the verge of being sick right now so I’m sorry if my writing skills aren’t the best. It gives me a headache to have to reread over my writing once (I reread my stuff at least a good 3 times before actually posting it).


I like SS501, DBSK, B.A.P, Supernova, and Nu’est. However, I will only consider myself a Triple S, Cassiopeia, and BABY. I wouldn’t consider myself a Nu’est fan or Milky Way because I haven’t actually gotten into the group enough to consider myself a fan although I do like their music. My biases are SS501’s Kim KyuJong, DBSK’s Jung YunHo, and B.A.P’s Bang YongGuk. I would say that my ideal type would be YongGuk ah because he’s the one that resembles my dad the most. (My dad is basically like Yongguk just Indonesian. He has a scary appearance but is really a dork, my dad watches the news, always hard working. Ahh I love my daddy). I’ve been into kpop for a solid, 7-8 years. I’ve attended the 8th Korean Music Festival and that is all I have left to say about the kpop portion of my life.

Writing Style:

I tend to be descriptive. I personally like to read things that are very descriptive, very on the dot, so I try to make my writing the same. They tend to be very long but I like the longer responses compared to the short ones. I’m pretty.. Decent with any type of smut scenario you give me. However, I am not the best Yuri/Yaoi writer so I try to avoid those but if I must, I will give it a try. 

Yes, I do write fanfiction (not smut). I’ve wrote one in AFF and a few in live journal. None of them are finished and probably won’t be finished so I don’t think any of you would want to read unfinished fics. I’m very inconsistent at times.

Random Facts:

  • I can play piano and a little guitar.
  •  3 SS501 posters, 1 DBSK poster, 1 Nuest poster, SS501’s Destination album, SS501 Persona Concert in Seoul DVD, and B.A.P’s first mini album Warrior
  • I’m very bland.
  • I don’t say much really. I lied, I kinda do.
  • I like to rp. (I’m too old to be rp-ing but whatever~ I’ll stop eventually)


Uhm, I’d much rather not put up my personal tumblr on here because I will not be answering any asks about this blog on my personal. I’d much rather stay as Mod B here. If you are interested in my blog however, I’d be happy to send it to you personally via ask on this blog. Just don’t ask for my blog while in anon because I will not answer it. Sorry. I don’t want anyone knowing that I’m into this kind of stuff..

And that is Mod B in a nutshell. Yup.

livinginbetweentours sent: Taecyeon-oppa I'm back! You made me feel so good last time when I gave my virginity to you. Sooo good. :) Now I want to make it up to you, mi amor. I want to make you feel good too now. I've missed you so much with all your travels & schedules. All I can think of is you & pleasing you going down on you taking you in my mouth sucking you in deeper & deeper licking every inch of you Please tell me you want it too & what you have in mind to do to me once we meet again. Your little latina misses you

And i have missed you too my precious latina lover. The thought of you taking the lead is enough to make me cum in my pants amor. The sight of seeing you go down my naked body in your erotic red lace lingerie. It matches your skin so well. The feeling of your tongue glazing through my hard rock abs is enough to make me lose all sense of reality. You always know the perfect places to touch me. I dont think i’ll be able to last after seeing your deep red lips take in my large member whole. Are you deep throating me? God it feels so good. The feeling of your silk like hair slipping in between my fingers while i guide your head is just too much, i need you now. You push me down and whisper into my ear, “let me treat you tonight” i’m about to cum. I hold it back somehow. Watching you stripe yourself of the expensive clothing, your panties soaked in your juices and your nipples hard from excitement. All i can think about is how ready i am to make beautiful love to you. You set your hips above my aching member as you sway your hips above the tip. If you dont hurry up, i might just have to take the intiative amor. The feeling of your tight walls encasing my thick length all in one slow motion is just too great. It surely has been a while since i’ve had a good taste of you. I place my hands on your hips as you begin to ride me nice and slow, that sexy look in your eyes makes me want to take control and fuck you until your senseless. Thats exactly what i do. I cant take it any longer my princess. My hips go wild as i thrust into your seeping wet sex hard, fast, and deep. With every thrust, i hit that one special spot. You know how good i am at making you moan. Missonary style isnt enough for me though. I pick you up as i sit you on my lap, thrusting up as you fall down onto my hot dick. You like that dont you? I cant get enough of you amor. I hope you have a lot of energy tonight because there will be very little breaks in our night of love. 

Anonymous sent: Bang yong Guk, I'm shy, because this is my first time, and I just want to know if you want me? I just want your strong arms to hold me and want you to look after me. Do you think you could show me that you want me?

I’m sorry babe. I guess i was never the one to portray my feelings clearly. Of course i want you. I want to pull you close to my chest while you wash dishes, press my lips against the nape of your neck as i whisper to you just how beautiful you are. I want to lift you up and hold you in my arms, i want to be your knight in shining armour, your prince charming. I want to lay you on our bed, gently of course because youre precious to me and i can never hurt you. I want to get on top of you as i stare into your beautiful eyes, those very eyes that caught me when we first met. I want to kiss you, hold you, love you. Even when i’m not there, i wont let a single bad thing happen to you. I may not know how to do it now but i swear on my life that nothing bad will ever happen to you. My feelings for you were so hard to suppress and now i dont have to. I will do anything you want and to your liking. You are my queen and i live to please. I can finally embrace you fully without any precations and worries. You are finally mine. 

Anonymous sent: Kikwang oppa, you're always gentle and slow with me but I want it to be hard and rough tonight ;) Oppa, I want you to dominate my body.

Hard and rough? You want to be dominated by me? Heh, words cannot explain how long i’ve been dying to hear those words come out of your beautiful pink lips. Finally, i can show you just how much i can make you love me. Do you know how long i’ve been dreaming about the day where i make you scream my name until your voice becomes hoarse? The night where i can fuck you against the wall, my body so close to yours that its the only thing keeping you off the ground? The undying moment where i make you beg for my throbbing member to penetrate you from behind all day long? Let me explain it to you in detail beautiful so than you can have something to look forward to when i get back. 

When i find you tonight, i’ll tackle you onto the nearest wall. I’ll rip those annoying clothes off of your delicious body before thrusting three of my fingers into your hot sex. I’ll stretch you nice and good. While finding your weakest spot with my fingers, i’ll take your precious, hard nipple in my lips, the other in my hand. You want it rough so i’ll make it rough. Expect some good biting, slapping, and tugging tonight babe. I wont give you any time to relax before picking your legs up with my arms and slamming my pulsating cock into your burning hot sex. Dont think i’ll give you time to get used to the stretch. Surely not today. I’ll fuck you hard and i’ll fuck you to my liking. Did you get enough rest today baby? Because we’re not stoppin till i’m satisfied. You better reschedule all your plans for tomorrow because once i’m done with you, you wont even be able to get up to eat. 

Anonymous sent: Junhyung oppa, lets try a student-teacher roleplay tonight. I could be your naughty student and you could be my sexy teacher. Oppa, I want you to punish me hard ;)

Mmh. Dirty student-teacher roleplay huh? Well you better hurry up and change into that skimpy school girl uniform you’ve been trying to hide from me because tonight, i’ll make sure to punish you hard for sleeping through todays lesson. Now let me see. Should i make you bend over the desk with your panties at your knees and make you read to me todays lesson while i smack your cute little ass with my ruler until you finish reading or should i tease you with the vibrator you always like to use during class? Put it on its highest vibrations and push it against your soaking wet sex, teasing your swollen clit with the metal contraption until you get the answer to todays question right. Theres so many options to punish such a naughty little girl like you. Thinking about it, i should extend your punishment. Make it last longer than just today. Always sleeping in class, causing a disturbance during lessons, trying to seduce me by not wearing any panties with that vibrator in you swollen slit every wednesday and bending over in front of me so i see it full on. You surely are a naughty girl and one punishment will teach you nothing. I have to teach you whos in charge, define whos the teacher and whos the student. What do you think my, ‘precious little pupil’? Will you be willing to come to my classroom after class for the next few days to accept your punishment? Hell, why am i even asking you? Youre going to accept the punishment and youre going to like it.  You better not defy me or else your punishment will only get worse. But if you listen to me and accept the punishement completely, i might give you an extra treat at the end for being such a good girl.