Anonymous sent: Yunho oppa, you're becoming a serious problem for me. You caught my eye with your strong manly aura and your sensual dancing, and I'm finding it hard to look away more and more. You seem more...experienced than most, care to show me how a real man makes a woman feel good? If you're up for the challenge, that is.

Who said I wanted you to look away? Maybe I dance the way I do for you and you alone… Maybe I act the way I do just so that you and you alone are drawn to me… Perhaps I think it’s only fair that you be under my spell just as much as I’m under yours.

Did you know that you caught my eye with your amazing generosity, your kind heart, your giving spirit, and the way that I can feel your gaze pulling at me? You torture me with a single, fleeting glance and all I want is for your eyes to never leave me.

I’m not going to confirm or deny my experience and while I would not readily jump into the challenge of making just any woman feel good, I would give anything for the opportunity to make you feel like a goddess in ecstasy. It may be a challenge, but even if I die in my attempts I will be convinced that I have entered the gates of paradise because I will have you in my arms. *i hold my hand out to you* Care to see just how loud and how long I can make you scream in pleasure? I’ll show you what I’m capible of, but I want the same from you in return. I’m ready if you are.

Love, Your Yunho



Anonymous sent: Changmin oppa. You always come and visit me, simply to tease me until I'm practically begging for it, and then something comes up and you disappear. Quite frankly I'm tired of it. You kiss me like you mean it but it all stops there and I just really want *blushes* more. Please, oppa, I want you, all of you. No more kisses unless I'm moaning into them.

Baby, I think you have our roles confused. I come to see you because I miss you and then you tease me. You sit there biting your lip, looking at me with your big eyes until the only thing I can do is kiss you. I don’t disappear because things “come up”. I disappear because it’s all I can do, otherwise I will pin you and take you right there in that moment. I don’t want our first time together to be rushed. I want it to be special. I want it to be secluded and away from our everyday lives, that way, when you are moaning into our kisses as I finally take you on every and any surface I can find, every delicious sound you make will be for my ears alone. You know I’m selfish. If I take you, you will be mine. I don’t share and I wont give you up without a fight. With that being said, if you would like to find out just how muffled your screams of pleasure will be as I’m marking you and claiming you as mine, then be ready for me in an hour. I am coming for you.

Love, Your Changmin


-Admin A-I-A-A-

Anonymous sent: Yunho-oppa. University is giving me such a hard time. The only time I'm relaxed is when I'm looking at your face. The stress is killing. And it'll only get worse when I graduate. I'm not ready for big girl responsibilities. Help me relax, oppa. I'm too high strung.

I would love to help you relax. I’ve been trying to leave you alone because I know you’ve been working really hard. I don’t like distracting you. *I lift you into my arms and lay you on the bed* How would you have me help you relax? Would you like a full body massage? *I lightly trail my fingertips down your delicate body* I will leave no part of you untouched. When I say full body *I press my body firmly against yours* that’s exactly what I mean. Would you like that? I will make sure that I leave no part of you begging for attention. I will relax every muscle on your body before I make them scream as I take you over and over again. I can see from the glazed look in your eyes that this idea appeals to you. So now you have to pick the location… *I begin nibbling on your ear* We can start and finish here on this bed. We could start here and move to the floor… the wall… the dresser… your desk. I like the idea of your desk. You wont be able to get any work done. Every time you sit at it, you will be forced to relive how I made you scream and beg for more. You’ll remember how you made me moan as your nails dug into my back, clawing at me in a demand for release. Or we could start at your desk and then move to the shower where I will clean you from head to toe, massaging you from your scalp all the way down to your feet. Would you like to feel what my wondrous soapy hands can do to you as they slide all over your body under the hot spray of the shower? *kisses your passionately* I live to serve you; tell me what you want and I will be more than happy to obey.

Love, Your Yunho


-Admin A-I-A-A-

Anonymous sent: You do this just to irritate me don't you? Ugh. I know you don't mean to, Yunho, It's just that it really sucks having to be so far away from you all the time... And the few moments I get to spend with you are often interrupted by work! Can't you relax for just once? Tell me how to get you to relax!

Yunho: Baby, the only thing that makes me relax is you. Just getting to see you makes me forget about work, fans, schedules, shows, concerts, everything. It’s like I wouldn’t even notice if the world ended when I’m with you. 

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to spend much time with you though. I still look at that picture I took of us before I left whenever I get a second. I know phone calls and video calls don’t make up for not being there when you need me. I miss you so much babe. I promise, next time I’m home I’ll only focus on you. No work or calls or anything. Just you and me and us. 

Anonymous sent: Jaejoong oppa lately when I see your pictures I can't help but touch myself! Oppa your such a tease with your sexy shirtless pictures! I can't even handle you! I try not to look because I don't want to have dirty thoughts but I can't help it oppa! I need you!

Jaejoong:  But darling, isn’t it more exciting to be a bit of a tease?  I love knowing that you can get in the mood by the mere thought of me.  The pictures are a nice touch though, right?  When the photographer tells me to give a smoldering gaze, I think about you and all the things I wanna do to you in private and it comes naturally.

My body looks much better in person, doesn’t it?  You dirty girl… I bet you’re thinking about touching yourself right now.  Mmm, I’d love to see that.  The image of you lying back on my bed, your legs wide open while you tease yourself with your fingers, breathlessly gasping my name… it really turns me on.  You need me?  Well, maybe if you beg well enough, I’ll give you what you want.  Just be a good girl and we won’t have any problems.

Anonymous sent: Jaejoong oppa... I've wanted to confess to you for so long... But oppa, you're so perfect that I know you couldn't be with someone like me. I'm just a backup dancer, after all, and you can do so much better... But... even still... I really wanted to tell you that I liked you. I hope that... this won't make it hard to work with me. If you'd like... I can just be someone else's backup dancer. I won't be upset if you send me away, I promise....

Jaejoong: Honey, no one is perfect! Just because everyone claims that so and so is the most perfect person in the world doesn’t mean that it’s true. Everyone has their own flaws.

To hear your confession really flatters me, but to hear your request to send you to another artist as their new backup dancer? Absolutely not! Who said that I have to date selectively within the celeb circle? That’s crazy talk!

Here’s what I’ll do: first off, you’re not being sent to another artist. You’re staying with me, and that’s final. No ifs, ands, or buts. Second, in response to your confession, there is something I must reveal as well. I don’t really like the idea of dating other celebrities, as I states before. In fact, I wanted to tell you I reciprocate your feelings. I didn’t know how to tell you, nor did I know how you would react. But something about the way your face is beaming tells me I’m making the right choice.

After dance practice today, meet me outside of the company building. I’ll drive you to any restaurant you want, and the food’s on me tonight. Steak, pasta, you name it, I’ll take care of it! Then, we can go to the park, and I’ll serenade you with an acapella version of “Love In The Ice.” I know how much you love that song.

So, what do you think? Can we call it a date?

~Mod JMin

Anonymous sent: Junsu oppa (JYJ). You are so hot in your new video, I had my mouth open the whole time. The way you move your body, they way you sing... and I don't even wanna mention your sexy long legs. Baby be mine, I need you. Do me roughly, please oppa. I.. I feel so bad, I hope Jaejoong oppa won't be mad. I don't wanna cheat on him. I wanna talk him into threesome, but I'm scared he'll say no and broke up with me. Oppa what should I do, I want you both.

Junsu: God baby, I want you too. Actually I’ve talked to hyung about it and he said that he wouldn’t mind sharing, but he didn’t want to force you into anything you didn’t want. I know you want both of us, but the question is, can you handle both of us at the same time?

Can you handle your hands and knees being rubbed raw while I fuck you hard from behind, balls slapping onto your clit with my fast pace? Do you want your jaw sore from hyung’s cock in your mouth, letting your tongue work wonders on his hard length? Can you take both of us at the same time until you’re so full from both of us that you come almost instantly, writhing in our arms and clenching your hot, wet walls around us while we move simultaneously in and out you until we both come, grunting and moaning your name?  I suppose the only way to find out is to try. 

Anonymous sent: Yoochun-oppa, I normally don't like men with tattoos, but I will make an exception for you. I want to feel all of the places on your skin where there's ink under my fingertips and maybe with more than just my hands...

Yoochun: I think we’re going to need more than just your hands. I want to feel your warm breath on my skin before you lick along all of the lines while I tangle my hands in your hair until I just can’t take it anymore and pull you up for a bruising kiss. My tongue delves into your mouth, exploring each and every corner, tangling with yours as my hands make quick work of your shirt and bra before covering your breasts with my hands and tweaking your nipples between my thumb and pointer. Baby, I have a secret. I have one more tattoo that no one knows about. Do you think you can handle seeing some of my hidden ink? 

Anonymous sent: Yunho oppa, your pictures from the I AM photoshoot are so damn sexy. @_@ Your hair all rumpled, like you just got done fucking someone~ Omg~ I don't know if you like white girls but I see these pictures and just want you sooo bad. I swear, if I run into you when I'm studying abroad, it would take so much effort to hold back from telling you directly how sexy you are. (Or maybe just faint because you're so friggin' hot.)

Yunho: Can I let you in on a little secret? You directly telling me how sexy I am is such a turn on. Don’t worry about fainting sweetheart, I’ll take care of you. Seeing you sleeping in between my sheets is driving me crazy. I can smell you across the room, a blend of body soap and light perfume almost like a spring evening stroll.

You begin to stir, yawning and stretching adorably like a cat you look around confused and surprised. I hand you a glass of water and my eyes linger, perhaps a bit too long, as your head tilts back, exposing the length of your pale neck. We sit awkwardly for a second, neither of us knowing what to do next.

You fumble out of my bed, continuously apologizing for intruding and make your way quickly to the door, but before you slip through it, I grab your wrist, the force pulling you back to collide with my chest.

"I haven’t forgiven you yet." I pause, my heart speeding in my chest, momentarily distracted by the ridiculously cute confused look you’re wearing. 

"If you want to make it up to me you have to make me dinner tonight. Come back here at 7." I lean down and move into kiss you, my lips hovering over yours, and barely brush our lips once, then twice, smirking at the sound of the gasps escaping your lips, but then swoop to the side to kiss your cheek and smile at you as you, slip through the door, blushing and slightly dazed. Heading back to my room, I cuddle into your side of the bed and bury my face in the pillow, lying there just inhaling your scent, too excited to sleep. 

Anonymous sent: Jaejoong oppa... Why do you have to work so much? It makes me worry about you. You must need a good release after all of that... right? Maybe if you didn't work so much and so hard I could take care of you better. I feel like I need to teach you a lesson...

Jaejoong: Oh you’re going to teach me a lesson? I’d like to see you try. Well then lets get started since I’ve been such a bad boy. What are you going to do to me baby? Oh, sorry. What are you going to do to me ma’am? Your eyes are incredibly probing as you walk around me in that ridiculous dominatrix outfit with that long whip. Where did you get that anyway baby? I can’t even imagine you in a sex shop buying that. Ow! Sorry ma’am, I won’t speak out of turn again.

Getting down on my knees on your command feels demeaning, but I ignore those thoughts when you sweep your lace stocking clad leg over my cheek and land the heel of your leather boot on my shoulder. My eyes immediately go to the bare, wet folds between your legs and I feel my hardening cock twitch behind my restricting jeans. Smelling your intoxicating arousal is too much for me. I begin to reach up, unable to control my desire to feel your sensitive skin, but yank back my hand when you hit it lightly with the whip and shake you head while tsking at me.

Letting out a whimpering breath I didn’t know I was holding when you step away from me, I sit back on my heels. My eyes follow you as you pick up a long piece of rope from the bed until you stand behind me. Adrenaline shoots through my veins when you yank my t-shirt off and start to tie my hands behind my back.

You position yourself as before, but this time my face is even closer to your sex and my heart begins to pound in my chest in anticipation. I look up at you, my eyes searching for permission. Knowing you’ve granted it to me when your fingers wrap in my hair, tugging my head forward, I lean forward and kiss along the sides of your folds, the traces of your juices lining my lips. Running the tip of my tongue up to circle your clit, I run it back down through your pulsing flesh, separating the folds and lean in closer to probe my tongue into your opening. I moan into your heated flesh when you grip my hair harder and continue fucking your delicious opening with my tongue.

Expletives fall off of your sinful lips as I pick up my pace, delving my tongue into your folds, my nose pressing into your clit as I shake my head side to side quickly. My eyes lock with your lidded ones as your thighs begin to quiver next to my cheeks as I pick up my pace, sucking your flesh into my mouth as you press my head into your legs until your head falls back and your sex flashes in heat, your juices gushing forward onto my tongue. Humming appreciatively into your clenching folds, I continue my ministrations as you ride out your orgasm until your legs give out under you and you collapse on your knees in front of me, your hands clenching my bare shoulders for support as you try to catch your breath.

I lick my lips, not letting a drop of your juices go to waste and gasp when you pull me into a demanding kiss, loving the way you moan at your taste in my mouth. I mewl into your mouth shamelessly as your hand begins to palm my now aching erection. I think I’ve learned my lesson by now don’t you think baby? 

Anonymous sent: Shim Changmin oppa. Have you not gotten any of my messages? Do you have any idea what you're doing to me? I know you're busy but I am craving your touch. It almost hurts how badly I need you...helping myself is no longer working and thinking about you only leaves me hot and panting with no relief. I can't believe it has come to this but PLEASE, please, I am begging you come home and take me hard. Please, oppa.

Changmin: Yes. I’ve been getting all of your messages. And I read them all. At work. Some of them were a bit, um, detailed. It’s nice to know that you’re a lovely writer…

The reason why I haven’t been answering them is well, um… I don’t think I’d be able to handle myself if I did. You see, with every dirty message you send, I know the perfect way to fix that up. Do you know how hard it is to try to stay calm at work? Every time you send a message, I read it and get overly excited.

The perfect image of you being oh, so hot and panting turns me on insanely. My precious girl being so helpless with no relief. The way you’re talking being so needy… I really want you, too. Ugh, I’m getting hard just by thinking of it. 

*sighs* This is it. I can’t handle this anymore. Fuck work right now. I don’t care. All that I’m caring about is this shameless erection in my pants, and the fact that my girlfriend seduced my through texts. Do you know how naughty you are? 

You are surely getting it hard tonight. Just you wait *dashes out of the office*.

Anonymous sent: Yunho Oppa! I finished my finals today. You can come back left so I wouldn't be distracted. Now you've got one riled up woman on your hands and I need to know what you plan on doing in order to help me celebrate the end of another grueling school year. I've got all this energy and no where to put it...

Yunho: So, how did you think you did, babe? I bet those finals were a breeze. I mean, you just totally left me here, stranded, for a few weeks. I can only expect the best grades, hmm? Do you know how painful it was to wait? Ugh. No action for too long is not good for me, and you know that. How oh, so tempting to break into your house and take you by surprise. But as a gentleman and good boyfriend, I waited. Impatiently but waited.

Now don’t think you’re the only one who’s riled up, missy. At least you could put some energy into studying and test taking. Me on the other hand, had nothing to do. Watching porn could never satisfy me enough so I didn’t even bother. Besides, I could only watch a naked you with pleasure.

You better not plan on going to any celebration parties this weekend. We’ll celebrate your end of the year together. Just you and me. For you are mine and only mine this weekend. And we’ll put all that energy to good use, don’t worry. I do like my sex rough and hard. It’ll be fun~.

Just be prepared to have no walking ability for the days after, okay?

Anonymous sent: YunHo-hyung, ChangMin-hyung, I'm sorry for being so straightforward, but I'll get to the point. I've always wondered what it would be like to have a threesome, and... I really can't think of anybody else but you two when it comes to that. What do you say? I totally understand if you don't want to though, but...

Changmin: A threesome, you say? I’ve always wanted to be a part of one! How about you, hyungie?

Yunho: My body is already tingling with excitement!! First things first, you’re going to give Minnie some seriously hot head while I work on your lips.

Changmin: Then we’ll all take turns doing the same. Afterwards I’ll rim your ass, it’s practically begging for some tongue action!

Yunho: Sounds delicious! While Min screws you, I want you to eat me out; don’t worry, my cock won’t be going anywhere except your sphincter once we get to DP you babe ;)

Changmin: Hyung! Let’s get to it already! Can I bring some nutella, cherries, and whipped cream to get more kinky?

Yunho: Sure! The real dessert begin when both of us cum all over your face. I’m sure you don’t wanna miss that! We’ll finally end with a three way make out sesh. Oh fuck, let’s go. 

~Mod JMin

Anonymous sent: Changmin [DBSK] oppa~ I'm sorry I got so jealous when I heard that you hugged a fan.. it's normally don't do that sort of thing and I guess I got used to having you all to myself. I like being the only one who you show your affection to..I like being the only one who gets to see the softer side of you.. I'm sorry, oppa.. forgive me?

Changmin: Of course baby. Honestly, I kind of like that you get so jealous. It makes me feel wanted and desired. I know that my fans love me and want me too, but I really like it when you make me feel desired. Your possessiveness is such a turn on too. Just looking at you all angry and flushed makes me hard. You know babe, the hyungs told me that make up sex is the best, especially when it’s fueled by jealousy.

Anonymous sent: Yunho hyung! Being one of your closest friends, I think it's important that I go watch you at your concerts. It's incredibly hard to do so, because you're always dancing so sexy or hip thrusting when you have an obvious boner. It turns me on so much, I have to go backstage just to jerk off. I don't think you have a thing for us boys though. I always see you checking out some girls. It makes me so jealous.

Yunho: You’re right, I don’t usually have a thing for boys. Usually being the key word. You on the other hand, turn me on like nothing else ever has. Just the thought of you on your knees in front of me makes mine weak. You know that boner I always have, it’s because I know you’re in the audience watching my every move. I was hoping you could maybe come to my dressing room during my break and maybe help me with it. I’d shove you into the door behind us and kiss you so hard your head will be spinning. I love feeling your hands all over my sweaty skin, but I want them somewhere else. Don’t tease baby, we don’t have a lot of time. Do you like knowing that you’re the reason I’m that hard? I slam my head back into the door when your hot mouth engulfs my entire throbbing length, not even sure of when you switched our positions. Shit baby, you’ve only just started and I’m already teetering on the edge. Suddenly, a knock on the door reminds me that I only have 2 minutes until I’m on stage. Wrapping my fingers in your hair, I guide your head along my cock as you move faster and take even more of me down your throat, your hand playing with my balls. Another knock, only 45 seconds this time. I groan loudly, not caring who hears as my orgasm hits me like a train, my chest heaving, heartbeat pounding in my ears. Another knock, but only 15 seconds left now. I pull you up for a bruising kiss, my tongue slipping past your lips without hesitation, as I rub your aching hard on through your jeans. You’re such a good friend to me, helping me out with my problems. How about I return the favor tonight? I hate making you wait that long, but I’ll be yours all night long.