Anonymous sent: Yo what's up Yongguk! It's your favorite hyung from high school! Remember? No? You don't remember how I taught you about sex and girls? You don't remember how I helped you jerk off for the first time? I remember my hand going up and down along your long length as you rubbed your nipples watching. You also don't remember that time when I sucked you off to give you the feel? *grins* I think you'll remember now. I think you should return the favor. I'm hoping to go further from now on.

Yongguk: Um, hi…? I don’t recall having a favorite hyung in high school… And I’m pretty damn sure I was the one who taught myself about sex a girls? Oh, wait… Shit.

Fuck, y-you jerk! Why would you remember me! Shit, I remember you now… You were a senior when I first entered high school. And… Oh, my God. I was so embarrassing and awkward then… How did you even recognize me?

N-No need to explain what happened… I-I remember is perfectly… *blushes* But, um, hyung… You haven’t changed that much right? I probably look really different now. Wait, what. Return the favor!? Hyung, I can’t… *gulps* And go further? Are you crazy!? We’re both guys, we can’t… I-I don’t know exactly how, but I think I’m willing to learn *takes a deep breath*… Will you s-show me?

Anonymous sent: I'm sorry Yongguk oppa, but I really dont want to take you to meet my family. Aish, how do I say this? You see, every time I dated someone, I would take the guy home, he'd meet my sister and after a few days dump me for her. She's always been the prettier one, and every guy I dated left me for her. And I dont want that to happen to you too, because I really care about you a lot, you know. I just wish I wasnt so insecure around her. Do I sound stupid now?

Yongguk: Jagi… You’ve been backing out of this for the longest time. I just don’t understand why. If you’re worried about me being to, I don’t know, hot, I’ll tone it down. And don’t worry, your family will love because, I’m Bang Yongguk. Everyone loves me.

…Huh? Well, aren’t they just jerks then. What makes you think I’d do that? Jagi, I would never. I could never. I don’t care if your sister looks like she was taken out of a magazine. I want you. Do you want to know why?

Because you, darling, are perfect *kisses your forehead and cups your cheeks*. It’s the way you care for me. The way you always look out for me. The way you love me *kisses your left cheek*. Sure, your sister could be pretty, but I don’t care about that. I just want you. Don’t be insecure, okay? You’re not stupid *kisses your right cheek*. You’re perfect, and you’re the only one I need.

Anonymous sent: Yong Guk Oppa, Even though you told me you love my dark skin, I don't really like it much. I know that since I'm of African Descent my skin will be brown but sometimes I wish it was lighter. I'm not as pretty as all the other girls, the ones with pale or fair skin. I ask myself why your with me sometimes. I'm pretty much your average girl. What did you see in me oppa?

Yongguk: Jagiya, your skin is perfect the way it is. I am going to keep telling you that until you believe me. I don’t need any pale or fair skin girls. That’s their heritage. You, my dear, are of African descent. That is what makes you unique. It’s what makes you, you. Don’t you dare wish you were any lighter than you are now. I love you for who you are and not what you are.

What do I see in you, you ask? To me, you are the most beautiful. Not only outside but inside, too. Never have I met a girl with such a kind heart and loving self. I may have dated a few girls before, but none of them can be compared to you. You are most definitely not average to me. You’re more than I could ever ask for. You’re my everything, and I will make sure you know that.

It’s your heart that makes me love you so much. Your looks is just a lovely bonus. Heck, you could even have that horrible sun-tan-gone-wrong orange skin, and I’ll still love you. Yeah, I’ll laugh, but you’d still be perfect nonetheless. I love you, jagi, both inside and out. Remember that, okay *kisses your forehead*?

Anonymous sent: Yong Guk oppa~ You know how you asked me the other night what my fantasy was? But I wouldn't say because I was shy,, Well I think I've gained the courage to tell you now! I-- I want to have a 3-way with you and Himchan oppa! What do you think? Could you share me for just one night? Let another man touch me? Please Oppa, I beg you!

Yongguk:  …That’s what you want?  You want me to share you?  Aish… I just want to please you, baby.  Maybe just this once.  He’s not going to have free reign over your body, though.  You are mine and only mine.

You can press your back against him while he fondles your breasts and I’ll tuck my head between your legs, licking you and making you squirm for me.  I told him about that sensitive spot on your neck but if he dares to leave a mark, there will be hell to pay.  Your moans are so erotic, your legs quivering.  Maybe we’ll get you on all fours and you’ll suck him off while I press kisses along your back.  

You look like such a dirty girl, letting him fuck your mouth like that.  I think that warrants a spanking, don’t you?  You’re just too tempting in that position so I’ll thrust into you from behind while you continue to suck him dry.

After he’s reached his peak, I’ll flip you onto your back and continue to pound into you, marring your skin with love bites.  I want him to watch while I fuck you, to remind him that only I can truly please you like this.  I might let him touch you a bit, but we both know that no one fucks you the way I do.

Anonymous sent: Yong Guk-ah! Noona isn't really happy right now! How could you stood me up again? I know you're busy! But it's the second time now! You should have called! This is your last chance! I'm not going to sit around and wait for you all night this time. I'm just going to wear that red dress you like so much and go out dancing and drinking without you. You're not the only one who can have anyone they want!

Yah. Don’t do that. I got caught up with work last night jagiya. I know I should have called but when you’re so busy, even time slips out of your mind. 

Also, if you go out in that red dress I like so much, don’t be mad when I get mad at you for that. You know how much I hate it when other people gets to see my girl in that beautiful dress of yours. You better be in the apartment when I get home. If I have to go out and find you, I’ll make sure to punish you. You may be my noona but that’s no excuse to go out without my say; especially in that dress. I’m not going to let you off easily if you go beautiful. And you better not tell me to wait until we get home. You know how I get when you’re in that dress, I just can’t keep my hands off that delicious body of yours. Who knows, we might even do it on the dance floor. You know I don’t give a fuck who sees.

Anonymous sent: Yongguk oppa... I'm always a good girl, but when I think of you I just can't handle my thoughts, you're driving me crazy... I've been thinking of you in " a non-innocent way" and I want to know if you will punish me for having these dirty thoughts about you, because I know you like me to be cute and innocent, but I can't hide this anymore, so please tell me what will you do with me? will you finally take me to your bed?

Hmm. Well, if you’re a good girl on the streets but a naughty girl in bed, I can put aside the fact that you lied to me about being innocent. However, you must be punished at all costs. Lying to oppa, where did you learn such a detestable trait?

I’ll take you to my bed and I’ll teach you how to be a good girl. Thrusting these long fingers of mine that you love so much into your soaking pussy as you writhe under my touch. Your such a lewd girl, already drenched to have my fucking you as those naughty sounds leave those sinful lips of yours. Stretching you wide with my fingers as I add a third finger into you hot sex, having you screaming and moaning my name in pleasure. Laying on my back as I watch you play with yourself, the juices of your vagina dripping onto the tip of my erect dick. You better know how to beg because that’s the only way you’re going to get me in you.

Watching your fingers disappear into your vagina as you play with your breasts, you do know how to put on a show. Your hips rolling against mine as you scream profanities, my hard cock in your throbbing sex. If you think that is good than I’m dying to know how it would feel for you to have me pounding into your pussy ruthlessly, fucking you so hard that it’ll leave you not only bruised but probably unable to walk the next morning. You have a huge punishment waiting for you once I see you again babe and you’re not getting out of this one.

Anonymous sent: Yong Guk oppa~ I was talking to one of my girlfriends today and she mentioned that she did the "Sphinx" with her boyfriend and said they really enjoyed it. But oppa, I have no idea what she was talking about! What is the "Sphinx"?

Yongguk: Well, well, well. Talking dirty talk with your other girlfriends, huh? Wish I could’ve been part of it. You know how I love to talk about that stuff. And you know how knowledgable I am to that kind of topic. Such a shame you didn’t call me in time to chat *sigh*.

Oh, dear. You don’t know what the ‘Sphinx’ is? Well, hon, you’re just in luck. Your boyfriend here is very knowledgable on this topic, as I said before. Would you like me to explain it to you? Or better yet, can we just do it? I’m practically a professional so it won’t be too difficult, I promise. I’ll describe it first while you demonstrate, see if you actually want to do it. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable with this.

Go lie on your stomach. Prop yourself up with your elbows to make it more comfortable. Try to bend on knee so it’ll be easier for both of us. I would come around back you, place my hands by your sides, and *grinds against your ass* that. And definitely some of *thrusts slightly*.

Do you like it, babe? The gaze and lust in your eyes gives it all away. I think it’s about time we try it for real. Surely, you’ll have more pleasure once I really penetrate. It’s also a good workout for my arms which is a plus. So what do you say? Are you ready to try the ‘Sphinx,’ my queen?

Anonymous sent: Yongguk-oppa, I miss you too much. When I'm at the university it's all good but when I come back to our apartment I just can't help but to think about you, the way you hug me, the sound of your laughter, the home-made chocolate you did for me. Since you're promoting, I started wearing your sweaters when I go to bed just so I can breathe your scent that lulls me to sleep. Please Oppa, come back~

Don’t worry beautiful. I know it can seem pretty long but I promise you that you’ll be in my arms sooner than you expect. Even with work and becoming an idol, I’ll always find my way back to you. You can continue to wear my sweaters at night while I hold you to sleep, whispering my words of love. We can spend the entire night doing whatever we want until we pass out from lack of sleep. Cooking, playing, teasing, and who knows, maybe we can add something extra to the mix if the mood is right. Kissing in the candle lit room as our bodies mold into one. Holding you, caressing you, loving you, so many things can be done in one night. I’ll make sure to make up for all lost time jagiya. ——- Sorry for any gramatical/spelling/english related errors. I’m on my iPhone and is way too lazy to go fix all of it. 😭 -Mod B

Anonymous sent: Bang Yong Guk! I re-challenge you to that mud war you cheated last time I was on top and had you pinned and you know that my swim suit tied. *glares* I want a rematch because you pulled my bottoms off and yongjae was there! *sighs* I know you want it and I want you too but taking my bottoms off just to get a sneak peek and then try to a few things is not okay. I would have been for it if Yongjae wasn't there unless he wants in on the action but I thought you didn't share well.. make it up to me.

I’m sorry babe, it’s just that it’s so hard to see you in a bikini because your body is so bangin’. Having that curvy body pinning me down as we play in the mud, I just wanted to fuck you right than and there. I don’t care if Youngjae is there to see, he can watch all he wants because he’s never going to get his hands on my girl. Plus, it adds to the stimulation to have an audience, don’t you agree? 

To make it up to you, how about we go to our own private pool, preferably an indoor one as we play in the water. We can play a few games before getting down to business. Making my way to you with a determined grin on my lips as I begin to undress you with my eyes. Your body pressed between mine and the pool wall, my hands snaking down your hips as I grope your ass from behind. My harsh breath against your ear as my hardened dick pushes against your soft cheeks. I can’t believe we couldn’t have some fun just because of little youngjae. 

That pretty bikini of yours will be lost in the pool somewhere and it will be the last of your worries as I fuck you at the pool side. Your body shuddering at the pleasure that courses through your body as I thrust deep and fast into your hot core. I’ll make sure every second is worth your precious time beautiful.

Anonymous sent: Yongguk, I can't call you oppa. I'm 26... I'm your Noona. It's wrong desire you my beloved? But I do. I want you to be my bad boy and Fuck me under the sun, the night and through dreams. Please accept your noona. I'm gonna be the most dedicated noona you'll ever have. Be my bad boy and tell me your plans with me.

Yongguk: Oh God noona, I’ll be your bad boy any day, any time, any second you ask. Hell you probably won’t even have to ask, I’ll probably be at your door before you can even pick up the phone. I’ll fuck you under the sun on the patio table where anyone could see us or hear you letting my name slip through your lips louder than you intended. I know the thrill of getting caught makes your blood rush through your veins noona. The lust will haze all of your reasoning as you climb higher, your mind getting foggier by the second. I’ll make love to you at night, the sheets tangling at our feet while I watch you arch your back when the tension in your core snaps like an overstretched rubber band and you come hard, clawing your nails down my back. Your damp breath washes over my shoulder as I wrap you into me, admiring the smooth skin of your back as the curtain veiled moonlight glazes over it. 

Anonymous sent: Yong Guk oppa~ I couldn't stop thinking about you at work today, the thought of your dick in my mouth made it water. My mind was fixated on you pounding hard into me and it has driven me crazy! I can't take it any more, I'm aching for you! Take me now Jagiya, don't make me wait any longer

Yongguk: God baby, who knew you were such a dirty girl? Not that I’m complaining or anything, but it’s just a little surprising. Open the door baby, it’s me. I know I shouldn’t be here at your office, but I couldn’t resist anymore. I lock the door behind me and grab you by the tight bun atop your head and slam your back against the door before pressing your lips to mine in a demanding kiss, my tongue swiping over your bottom lip. Jagiya, I love the way you open up your mouth to me without any hesitation. My hand slides down your body, squeezing your breasts and pinching your nipples through the fabric of your white button up and continues to slip up behind your black pencil skirt to knead your curvy little ass.

Your desperate moans against my mouth are driving me crazy and I detach my lips from yours before hooking my finger into the waistband of you skirt and walk you to your desk. I plop down in your office chair and palm my cock through my jeans while looking up at you with expectant eyes. You immediately understand and get down on your knees, your skirt sliding up your thighs tauntingly, while I unzip my pants and and pull out my hard cock from my boxers.

My moans drive your confident fingers up and down my shaft, spreading the precum around the head with your thumb. When you wrap your beautiful plump lips around my length and push me almost all the way down your throat, the zipper of my jeans grazing your cheeks, my head falls back in satisfaction and a deep, throaty groan escapes my lips.

A knock at the door interrupts us and we both freeze in fear. I quickly pull you up by your waist and duck under your desk just as the intruder opens the door. I hold my breath as your boss walks in, his footsteps stopping right next where I’m crouching under your desk. Your boss is so nice baby, even wondering why you’re working late and checking up on you. I’m starting to think he’s a little bit too nice, but your flustered stuttering is so cute that those thoughts escape my mind.

We both let out the breaths we were holding as the door closes behind him and I crawl out from my hiding place. I look at you and smirk, knowing we’re both feeling the thrill of getting away with something wrong, and wrap my arm around your waist and pull your body flush with mine before trapping you in a sweet, fleeting kiss. Let’s get out of here baby. As kinky as office sex is, we’re going to need a bed for all of the things I want to do to you tonight.

Anonymous sent: Yong Guk baby~ I'm curious, would you rather me welcome you back home with the naughty maid outfit or the sexy bunny outfit? And if you're up to it, maybe you can show me your "power" in the bedroom? ;)

Yongguk: Why did you give me a choice? Now I have to choose from both of those outfits!? Well, fuck. I don’t know what I want. Can’t you just do me a favor and somehow mash those two costumes together? A sexy bunny in a naughty maid outfits sounds quite refreshing.

And dare to challenge me? Darling, please. I can show you my ‘power’ right up on stage if you want. Wouldn’t mind the crowd watching us, right? I mean, who else doesn’t love a good fucking up on stage *laughs*. The fans will definitely enjoy your sexy bunny, maid costume thing or whatever. It completely compliments B.A.P’s style to a T. 

I’m kidding darling. I would never force you into doing something that crazy. But if you’re up for it, I’ll never say no. I’m still annoyed that you asked me if I was ‘up to it.’ Please, I am always up for that challenge. I’ll show you all my power in the bedroom tonight. Your poor outfit will obviously know what I mean as I tear it ever so nicely. *sighs* It’s a shame though, I’m sure you will look extra sexy yet cute in that. My hands will make your body shiver in pleasure. My tongue doing things it shouldn’t be. And my thrusts been getting better, dear. Lucky you, for you are the only one who will ever know its true cause.

Are you ready to handle my ‘power’ tonight *growls*?

Anonymous sent: Yongguk-hyung, I heard about your cast. I'm so impressed with how you kept dancing despite it. But now I want you to just sit back and relax. I'll run you a hot bath to rest your weary muscles and then how about a full body massage to follow? You're always so good to me, hyung. Let your dongsaeng help you feel good this time. You deserve it.

Yongguk: Aish, donsaengie, why did you have to announce to the world that I had a cast? Fans will be yelling at me now *sigh*.

But you’re very right, I’m in desperate need for a relaxing night. Work has been stressing me over. And I haven’t seen your handsome face in forever and frankly, I miss it awfully. A hot bath sounds wonderful, but it wouldn’t be complete if you don’t join me. I want both of us to just lay there for a long time in the warming water. I miss your beautiful naked body.

And your soothing hands for the full body massage sounds great. The way you gently knead my stiff muscles always relaxes me completely, dongsaengie. I just love the touch of your hands roaming around my body. It gives me the greatest pleasure ever.

You’re such a good boy. I’ll make sure you sleep soundly in my arms tonight as a return.

Anonymous sent: Yongguk hyung :( I really really like you, and your smile and your voice. you're so handsome and manly and strong, and I really want to be yours and yours only. I'm just worried that you won't like me because i'm a boy *cute pout* please make me yours hyung, i want you so bad.

Aww, I’m very flattered to hear that. Who says I can’t like you back? How about we have a “VIP” sesh backstage at my next performance? I’ll make sure we won’t be interrupted so you won’t forget our sexperience. 

Oh, and I’ll bring the whipped cream ;)

~Mod Jmin

Anonymous sent: Bang Yong-Guk oppa, I heard you like war and fighting and it makes me wonder just how rough you are in bed.... I'm a little scared to find out but I'm just so curious, so oppa please show me exactly what you like- please do whatever you want to me.

There’s no need to be scared baby. I promise you the only thing you’ll be feeling tonight is pure ecstasy. I’ll start off nice and slow, turn you on and have you burning with desire. I’ll make sure to abuse every spot that turns you on in a painfully slow and pleasurable pace. My long fingers sliding into you hot sex as I begin to spread you nice and wide so than my cock can easily fit in you. And when it comes to the fucking, just moments before, I’ll have you begging on your hands and knees, waving that cute little ass of yours in front of me. You better pick the right words because you’ve only got one chance. After, I’m going to fuck you senseless baby. My dick thrusting into you in an abnormally pleasurable pace as my fingers begin to abuse your ass hole. Imagine the stretch, the pleasure. I’ll have you begging for more by the end of the night, we might even have to keep it up until daybreak.