Anonymous sent: Niel'ah guess what?! I'm coming over during my break. I'm so excited to finally actually be able to see you and be with you. I hope you'll have some time for me though :\ But Niel I don't only want talking time I want the other 'ahem' time as well. It's been a few months since I visited you so i missed your touch oppa. aah this is a little embarrassing. I'll see you soon babe.

Niel: It’s about time! It’s been so long since I’ve see you, jagi. I’ve missed you so much… Work has been hectic. And of course I’ll have time for you! And if not, I’ll make time.

Oh…? Has my jagi been thinking dirty thoughts again? *chuckles* It’s okay, jagi. No need to be embarrassed. I miss touching you, too. It’s been way too long since we visited the bed in a while, huh. I’ll see you soon too, jagi. I miss you so much that I think I might just surprise you for our little session *winks*.

Anonymous sent: Changjo oppa~~~ Every since you left with Teen Top, I've been feeling really needy.. A-and I know how much you don't like me pleasuring myself unless your doing it. B-but I had to do it. I was thinking of you doing VERY rough, dirty things to me the whole time. Now I got a problem down there.. Do you think you could help me?~ ;)

Changjo: Baby, you’ve been feeling needy? Oh, babe. I hate knowing you touch yourself because only I can make you feel like you’re on cloud nine, you know that, right? Baaabe, you didn’t! Tsk, tsk, tsk. My jagi has been doing naughty things by herself, huh.

Well, I shouldn’t be too harsh on you. I’ve been pretty horny lately and with our comeback, I haven’t been able to see you lately. I have to jack off by myself thinking of you underneath me as a moaning mess. Babe, you’re so hot.

…You were thinking of me doing it rough? Hm, I can work with that… I think I’ll skip practice just for this because of you, you’re making me hard with your begging. It’s so hot. My problem is getting increasingly noticeable, too. Babe, I won’t even think of helping you. I will gladly let you free of that problem.

Anonymous sent: Hey, Niel hyung... I'm super glad you like the cookies I made, but... *laughs* You have crumbs here. *kisses your cheek and quickly licks away the crumbs* Hmm, I guess the cookies taste better than I thought~ And hyung does too~ *smiles innocently*

*blushes* These cookies are wonderful. You really made these yourself? I’ve never had anyone make me something so delicious. *takes the cookie and holds it to your lips so that you can take a bite* See how good they are? Oh. I see you have some crumbs as well. Here. Let me help you. *i run my tongue across your lower lip before kissing you softly* Mmmm. The crumbs are the best part. Oh, looks like I might have missed some. We can’t have that. These cookies are far too wonderful to waste a single morsel. *i bring my lips to yours and kiss you deeply and passionately before pulling away and breathlessly whispering:* I think you taste better than the cookies.

Love, Your Niel


-Admin A-I-A-A-

Anonymous sent: Niel, noona has tried so hard but I just can't resist anymore. I like you. I love your smile, I want to get lost for hours in your eyes. Your voice does things to my heart that I can't put into words. I'm happiest by far when I'm with you. I want to be hyper and silly with you, hold your hand and walk in the snow with you. I want to snuggle into your arms. The feeling of want is overwhelming. You could do so much better, with a girl your age. Tell me you don't want me so I can get over you?

Noona… how could I possibly tell you that I don’t want you? Don’t you know that I can barely keep myself from grabbing you and pulling you into my embrace every time you’re near me? Don’t you know that when I sing those ballads you love so much that make your heart flutter, I’m thinking of you as I sing them? You say you’re at your happiest when you’re with me and I’m saying to you that every time you leave my side I feel as if my world is crashing around me. You look at me with eyes that hold more mysteries than the universe and I find myself wanting to unlock every secret they hold. I want to hold you with such a desperation I can barely breathe. I want to cuddle close to you on cold nights as we watch the snow fall. I want to run around outside with you, throwing snowballs at one another, take hot chocolate breaks, hold your hand as we ice skate in the park… Why do you think I could do better than you? Why are you belittling your worth? I don’t want anyone else… I only want you. Age doesn’t matter to me. You are the one that my heart and soul scream out for when I’m alone. You are the only one who makes me feel alive. That’s what you do for me that no one else has ever been able to do; I came to life the moment I met you. If you want to push me away because YOU can do better, I understand that. I will let you go if that’s what it takes to make you happy. Your happiness is all I care about. But please… please don’t think that there is someone better than you. *kisses your lips softly* You are my everything.

Love, Your Niel


-Admin A-I-A-A-

Anonymous sent: LJoe oppa, everyone already knows my feelings for you, and I know that you already like someone, but you need to stop playing with feelings. You have no right to do that. I don't know why you gave me a back hug the other day when clearly the girl you liked was opening her locker right next to me. And my friends even said that you were too good for me. I fell for it last year, but not anymore. You're just another one of those pretty faces playboy. I just need to find another way to get over you..

L.Joe: I-I-I’m… Sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. But it’s just that… I just… Oh, I don’t know how to say this *groans*. Dammit.

You see, I-I… Actually don’t well, um, like that girl… I n-never really even talked to her at all. She’s just, you know, one of those pretty faces at school… I-I actually like- I mean, um, never mind *shuffles feet*.

What? I’m most definitely not too good for you! You’re actually so much better than me! W-Wait, I meant like… I… *blushes*. But I u-understand what you’re saying…

It’s just that, that… I’m so awkward! I don’t know how to e-express my, um, feelings… I honestly really l-like y-you… B-But I come of as a jerk to you, and God I feel horrible, but I just don’t know how to… I don’t even know anymore *sighs*.

I like you a lot, okay? I started acting like a playboy so that maybe, just maybe, you’d get jealous and well, I don’t know, confess to me, maybe? But that didn’t work out too well *slumps*. And that girl was just another attempt to make you, well, jealous *bites lip*.

I-I’ll just stop. I won’t, I won’t talk to you as much a-anymore. You need to find someone who isn’t a jerk l-like me… You need, you need someone better. Y-You’ll be able to get over me, I can promise you that. *wipes his tears away* I-I’m sorry.

Anonymous sent: C.A.P-oppa! Remember that club I went to this past weekend with my girlfriends? Well, I met this awesome guy. It was so amazing too because damn, he can dance and his lips and tongue... I want them to be mine again. He's so perfect. Too bad I didn't get a good look at him- W-Wait, you went there that night AND danced with a girl? Was she wearing a tight purple dress with- Were you wearing a cap and- Ohmygod... I was grinding with YOU that night!? You mean that... Th-That guy was you *blushes*!?

C.A.P: Yeah, I remember. How could I forget? You would not shut up about it *laughs*. Haha, continue on… Oh, so you met a guy now *raises eyebrows*? Do tell me more…

So this guy can dance, huh. Interesting. And he was a good kisser, too? This guy does sound pretty perfect *chuckles*. Aw, you didn’t get a good look at his face? Bummer…

But you know… I happened to be at the club too. I danced with a girl and damn, did she know how to move. Yeeep, a tight purple dress that flaunted her curves ever so nicely. And I was wearing a cap…

BINGO! Took you long enough, sweetie. Yeah, you were grinding with me. Seemed liked you enjoyed it though. That kiss was so hot, and you were looking pretty snazzy yourself. Well, since you found out who this ‘mysterious guy’ was at the club, and you’ve known me for like ever… Might as well tell you now that I’ve liked you for a while and well, do you want to be mine?

Anonymous sent: LJoe oppa, remember last time when you were "drunk" ? Were you faking? Because I clearly remembered what happened that night, when you kissed me and I didn't back out because I like you- I mean I thought you were really drunk. We're best friends, right? So there should be no secrets between us!

LJoe: Do you mean last Friday? Yeah, I remember it. Well.. Half of it. It really felt like it was all a dream. Man I was serious drunk. I’m never doing that again. No I wasn’t faking it. I couldn’t even walk straight without leaning to the side or nearly falling. Why what did I do?

I-I kissed you?!?! W-Why did you stop me? I was drunk but that shouldn’t mean anything. Omo.. So it was really.. I guess the alcohol really does bring what you really do feel deep inside. I mean… Alcohol makes you do crazy things.

How was the kiss? I bet it was bad, wasn’t it? I mean I was drunk after all. Can we redo the kiss? I promise it’s not going to affect our friendship. You know me, I always strive till I’m assured it’s perfect.

Awkwardly, I smile at you while my arms lace around your petite waist. I tilt my head and hesitantly lean in for a kiss. At first our lips just touch casually. I shake my head after pulling away and go in for a second kiss. This time it’s full of passion, depth, and tenderness. You tug on my lower lip with your teeth; I chuckle. Reluctantly, I pull away and give you a bright smile.

That was definitely better than I expected. But I still don’t think it was perfect. I know I said this wouldn’t ruin our friendship, and it won’t. But let’s add another title in there, like my girlfriend.

yixingsfatgirlfriend sent: Niel my body hurts so much for some reason. Can you soothe my pain with your soft hands and beautiful lips. My fluffy thighs are so sore, My soft breasts are so tender and sensitive and these skimpy clothes and lack of panties have made my lips so cold...haha no the ones between my thighs. When you're done I see something that needs my attention. I just hope you can handle the attention...

Niel: Noona, what did you do to make yourself hurt so much? Never mind that, a nice massage should do the trick, right? I’ll make you feel better no matter what it takes.

As I position myself behind you, I start to massage your shoulders. You say it’s not your shoulders but your thighs? No problem. My hands slide down your arms and to your inner thighs. I slowly run my fingertip up your soft thighs and smile. All this touching has gotten me slightly aroused, jagi. I run my fingers more in between your plump, smooth thighs as I press my lips against the crook of your neck. This was your plan all along, wasn’t it? Sneaky noona. I will stick by my words and make you feel you better.

My lips still remain on the soft skin of your neck, kissing and giving it little love bites. Your lips are cold? I know exactly how to warm them up. Gently rubbing your already moist slits, you let a teasing moan. My fingers easily slid inside you and your wall clamp around them while my free hand slithers under the skimpy material and rub the already perked nub. Noona you’re making such lewd noises; are you close? I pump my hand faster in and out of you. By the sound of you’re moans, you’ve already about to reach your orgasm. The moments after you have reached your peak, I tilt your face towards mine and give you a passionate and lustful kiss.

Are you feeling better? Good, because now you have to attention to the aching in my pants.

- GM T

yixingsfatgirlfriend sent: Niel I still can't believe we're married! Even though I'm a little....well a lot bigger then all those other girls around. You only loved me, you chose me. You make my life so much brighter every time you look at me you make me fall in love all over again. Sweetie it's our honeymoon and I want to give you everything, every part of me. Tonight Niel make love to me sweet and gentle love.

Niel:  Jagiya—ah, no, yeobo—I can’t believe it, either!  It’s so amazing knowing that you’re mine and you will always be mine.  What have I told you when it comes to saying things about your body?  I love you. You’re the person who makes me happiest and the person who stole my heart.  To me, you are beautiful, inside and out, and you will always be the most beautiful girl to me.

Of course, yeobo… Anything you want.  The honeymoon suite is gorgeous, ne?  I really like the heart-shaped tub.  Let’s take a hot bubble bath together.  I’ll be very gentle when I wash your back, pressing light kisses to your shoulder blades.  My hands can’t help but wander a bit, gently cupping your breasts, rolling your nipples between my fingers.  One hand slides down between your legs, a single finger tracing along your folds.  Does it feel good, yeobo?  When I touch you like this?

 Mmm… you smell so nice.  There’s not enough room in this tub so let’s move things over to the bed.  It’s okay if the covers get wet—we can always get new ones.  …Aish, you’re beautiful.  I just want to cover every inch of you in my kisses, lacing my hands with yours.  This will be our first time as husband and wife—it’s kind of exciting.  My hips will be nice and slow as they roll against yours.  Keep me close while I love you.  I want to make you feel amazing.   My hands will caress your thighs gently as I wrap your legs around me, while I lick and suck along your neck and chest.  I promise to be gentle while I make love to you, whispering sweet nothings by your ear.  It’ll be a night to remember, I promise you.  I’ll make love to you and then hold you close in my arms while we drift off to sleep together.

LJoe oppa! I can’t get enough of you in your new MV! You looked so sexy I just want you so badly! I can’t stop thinking about you and just, oh man, i want to feel you in me and touching me all over.

Girl you don’t need to say more, I’ll come over tonight and give you what you ask. I’m glad you find me so sexy, i’ve been waiting for you to tell me how you feel, I’ve noticed your glances and the way you watch me, because I’ve been watching you too. You’re beautiful, I can’t take my eyes off you and tonight I won’t take my hands off you. 

We both want each other, but let’s slow this down. I know it’s torture but I want some foreplay. I want to kiss down your neck and chest. I like how your back arches under my touch. You’re skin is so smooth and soft, I can’t help but let my hands wander. I harden at the sound of your moaning, I like that you’re feeling good baby. I can’t wait anymore, i know I said we should take it slow but I need to release, I’m going to push into you slowly, let me know when I can move. I want to make sure you’re comfortable because when I start thrusting I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it slow. I can feel you tighten around me as you come closer to your high. I buck harder helping you through your climax, as I enter mine. I push your hair out of you face and kiss you tenderly. Was it as good as you expected?

Anonymous sent: CAP-hyung, do you still think of me while you're on stage? You've gotten so much better with your stage presence and I can't help but think that you don't need to think about me anymore to keep you focused and looking so perfect up there. I hate how you're so busy, as well. I miss the nights where I would slip into your bed just to be close to you, no matter how hard it was to keep quiet and not wake the rest of your group when you decided you wanted more than cuddling.

CAP: 자기야, it’s hard enough to not think of you every day, but onstage, it’s much more difficult. Whenever I think of the way your wrap your arms around me, I forget what reality is and what my surroundings are. If I even dare to imagine what our nights would be like if we surpassed cuddling, I’d get so hot and bothered that the sun would burn out.

However, if we were to go beyond the usual cuddle sesh, 어머, just thinking about right now is getting me really hard. I want you to push me down on the bed and get frisky with me. I want you to kiss me like there’s no tomorrow and I’ll moan for you. I don’t care if my fellow members hear me, it just means that I’m thoroughly enjoying this moment. Do you feel my steel hard-on? It’s calling your name, and I need you to blow me. Oh my god, I’ve been waiting for this for the longest time. You have no idea how much I’ve yearned for you to go down on me. I want you to slide your lips along my shaft.. Mmmm, that feels heavenly

I’ll return the favor, and I’ll flip flop our bodies so I’m on top. Those pants are going to be ripped off in a matter of seconds, and you’re going to feel a warm sensation a little ways down south. I’ll deepthroat you, eliciting moans of ecstasy and pleasure, which are sexual symphonies to my ears. Then I’ll swivel my tongue around the tip before spreading your legs open so I can fuck your brains out, babe.

Relax, it’ll only hurt a little. Later you’ll find yourself in a trance as I thrust in a rhythmic motion, and your hips will join in a synchronized manner. I want you to scream my name, baby. There’s a reason why my birth name is BANG Minsoo, ㅋㅋㅋ. At the end, we can jerk each other off and make out at the same time. Our cum will go off like fireworks, so I hope you enjoy the show ;D

~Mod JMin

Anonymous sent: Chunji-hyung, it's been a while since you've held me. The little fan service hugs you do on stage are nothing compared to the ones we used to share whenever we're alone. Did you stop because I... confessed to you?

Chunji: 미안해, it’s not because you confessed to me. I don’t want to make my other fans extremely jealous because you’re getting fanservice, and I don’t want them going after you because you got extra special hugs. I promise, the next time we’re alone, we can cuddle at home like we used to, and you’ll be in my warm embrace.  You can fall asleep in my arms as I sing you a lullaby and caress your hair. The night will end with a kiss goodnight. 잘자~

~Mod JMin

Anonymous sent: Niel-ah, I heard from a certain someone that you were really kinky~ if you'd like I'd be happy to explore your every fantasy with you. I think you've been a good boy lately so this can be your special reward from your favorite noona.

Niel: …Who would you have heard that from? Oh, God. I’ll just pretend that you magically figured it out yourself rather than suspiciously thinking it was definitely one of the other members… Hm. Bless their souls in the near future, frankly.

Be careful with those words, noona. I will seriously take them to heart. Do you know how long I’ve waited for you? I’ve been dying these past few days. It was awful. All my ropes and dildos haven’t been put to good use lately. It’s a shame looking at the being so dull inside a box. It’s quite sad if you ask me.

Yes, noona. I have been a good boy. It was a very painful experience if you want me to be truthful. Do you know how hard it is to not jack off while thinking of you under the restraints I have? I’ll gladly take this special award from my favorite noona. Oh, wow. I’m getting hard again. Let’s do it now, please? I’ve waited too long.

Anonymous sent: Niel-oppa, you've been working even harder these days... You seem so tired, always switching the tv on and then falling asleep. Sometimes you don't even greet me or completely ignore.I mean, if you're tired I could help you. What would you like me to do?~ *looks innocently at you with her large blue eyes* I would do ANYTHING for you.

Niel: Aigoo, jagiya~! I’m sorry I haven’t been very gentleman-like recently. We’ve been preparing for our upcoming tour in Japan, which means I’ve been dancing and practicing Japanese non-stop. However, there are a few things you can do for me..

First, I need you to give me a nice, sensual massage. As you disrobe me, my body tingles with excitement. I want you to caress my back with your gentle yet firm touch, as I have a multitude of knots that need to be loosened. Feel free to move down my lower back and maybe spank me, I really do love that.

Flip me over, and I already know what you’re thinking. The real “massage” starts a little ways down south, if you know what I mean. I want you to stroke me, lick the head of my already erect member and tease me a little bit. Don’t be alarmed if I stroke your fine, silk-like hair; it just feels really good to have oral after so long. I want you to go deeper to the point of taking me whole, OH MY GOD YES that feels good.. Don’t leave my balls hanging though, they need just as much love from that quick tongue of yours.

Now the real fun begins! I want you to hop on for a ride, and I need that ass to be bouncing on me like there’s no tomorrow. Your massage from earlier has rejuvenated me, so I can add in my rhythmic pelvic thrusts to augment our ecstasy. Let’s switch positions, and this time, you’ll be on your back. As I slip my cock inside your wet sex, I’ll be fingering you at the same time. I want you to scream my name, jagi. I want you to tell me how good it feels to have a man like me pound you!

As my thrusts start to slow, I’m going to pull out so I can cum on those beautiful breasts of yours because I know how much you love having an off-season blizzard on those mountains. As soon as I make you cum with my dexterous digits, I’ll clean up your juice and kiss that fine pair of southern lips.

Tell me, jagi. Aren’t you happy I asked you to help me out? ;D

~Mod JMin

Anonymous sent: LJoe oppa~ last time I compared you to Niel oppa. But I want just you tonight. You can punish me if you like for daring to compare him to you. Maybe I'll visit you backstage~

L.Joe: You’re right sweetie, I forgot to punish you. You seem too eager for this punishment. Maybe your punishment should be no punishment at all? 
Oooo a backstage visit? That can only mean one thing. You’ve spotted that bulge I’m sporting because of you. I just love knowing you’re in the audience, watching my every move with those lustful, lidded eyes of yours. Knowing that by the time the concert, heck maybe just this performance, is over your panties will be soaked through. Why do you bother with them anymore anyway? They’re hardly of any use and I’m surprised you’re not out of panties altogether what with the way I rip them off of you every time I bend you over.